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As you have visited this page, we guess you are looking to buy some gold 1oz coins? Over many years in the gold industry, we have sourced the highest quality investment coins from the UK and overseas and list them here. These coins are not just an investment, but highly collectable as well and make a particularly useful form of family heirloom. Gold Britannia 1oz coin prices start at around £1,000 which represents an affordable outlay for most investors, so why delay, why not invest today in 1oz gold bullion coins?
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Delivery of your metals are fully insured and discreet. If you want the peace of mind of storage, then you metals will be insured, allocated and segregated in an LBMA approved depository. Read More
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We only deal in physical precious metals, no electronic or paper ownership. No leverage, ETFs or funds. Just real gold and silver in your hand or stored in segregated vaults. Read More
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Gold for millennia has been a secure store of wealth, a global currency and a sought-after metal. There are many reasons to buy gold including to diversify an investment portfolio, to hedge against inflation and a banking crisis, for long-term capital gain, etc. If you’d like to research the topic further, here are some of our topic insights about reasons to buy gold (1oz coins in particular):

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Collectable gold coins attract a premium, over and above the global spot price, here are some reasons why:
  • Desirability – collectors coins are generally classed as more desirable/collector than other forms of gold (e.g. bars)
  • Cost of production – collectors coins cost more to produce, and the cost is passed on
  • Presentation – collectors 1oz gold coins will often use presentation materials (e.g. box or case)
Collectors tend to keep their gold coins for a long-time (often decades) and maybe pass them down in a will. For this reason, the collector’s market is (frequently) ignorant of the market price for gold and will retain their prized collection irrespective. For the reasons given the market spot price for gold will always be lower, this is because of the collectability premium.
Benefitting from being legal tender in the UK, these 1oz gold coins are both VAT free and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free. This is a major advantage when buying 1oz UK gold coins and 1oz silver coins we list our current collection of bullion coins for sale below: Lunar coins– new editions are minted annually. Each new animal in the lunar calendar is featured (e.g. horse 2014, sheep 2015, monkey 2016, rooster 2017, dog 2018) and pig 2019) Gold Britannia – new editions are minted annually, (e.g. 2019,2020), we also stock the 30th-anniversary special edition Queens Beasts – new editions minted and as available, which includes unicorn, dragon and black bull
Whilst perhaps not as sought after in the UK (mainly for tax reasons), many investors still like to buy foreign 1oz gold coins. Here you can buy 1oz gold coins we stock from all around the world: Australia – Produced by the Perth Mint, the nugget series is minted annually, e.g. 2019, 2018 Austria – Philharmonic series, minted by the Austrian Mint, new editions are minted annually, (e.g. ,2019), Canada – Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, we supply their Maple Leaf editions – new editions are minted annually (e.g. ,2019) South Africa – The world-famous Krugerrand has been minted continuously since 1967 and has relatively low premiums compared to other coins, USA – American Eagle, produced by the US Mint – new editions are minted annually (e.g. 2019) and also the Buffalo series, which is also minted annually (e.g. 2019
Whenever you want to buy gold whether it be 1oz coins or bars, trust Physical Gold for a highly professional customer-centric experience We are proud to be members of: Read our detailed articles about gold, by visiting Insights, also find our gold-related investment articles by clicking this link - https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=xQm5Wp7lK6PksAeEpa7ABw&q=gold+investment+site%3Aphysicalgold.com We make buying gold easy through our online, our site is highly secure through the latest https:// encryption. We will deliver your purchase very quickly using our home delivery service, we can also offer gold storage through GFSC. Buy from Physical Gold today by calling 020 7060 9992 today or visit our contact page for full details.

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