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The opportunity to buy the silver Britannia offers small investors and those wishing to diversify their portfolio with a chance of owning the most popular silver bullion coin in the UK. As the largest and purest legal tender British coin available on the market, a Britannia silver coin is available at a low entry cost and represents a highly divisible but stable asset. As legal tender, they are capital gains tax free meaning any profits you make on resale are yours to keep. Not only that but the silver coins we supply are also sourced to ensure they are UK VAT free. One of the most popular investments are the 1 oz British Silver Britannia is issued by the Royal Mint and, since 2013, is rated with a purity of 999.0 containing 1 troy ounce of silver. When you buy these with Physical Gold Limited, we provide fully insured delivery direct to your door with most purchases being received within 1-2 business days.
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These coins were first produced by the Royal Mint in 1997. A bullion coin, the full silver Britannia has a face value of £2 with fractional sizes also produced of one half (£1), one quarter (50p) and one tenth (20p) sizes. Containing a troy ounce of silver, the Britannia has featured a number of designs on the reverse. Even-numbered years since 1998 depict a standing Britannia in a design produced in 1987 by Philip Nathan. In odd-numbered years, the reverse design has changed with a different version of Britannia. Since 2013, the reverse design has changed on the non-bullion issue and will continue to do so for each subsequent issue; the bullion version will remain consistent with the original designs.
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silver britannia coin
The Silver Britannia features the iconic figure long associated with the British Isles. Image via Eric Golub, Flickr.
In 2014, there was a mix-up at the Royal Mint and around 17,000 silver Britannias were incorrectly struck within incorrect obverse taken from the Lunar series. Dubbed the ‘Mule Britannia’ due to the fact the coin features the ‘Year of the Horse’ design, a rare silver Britannia of this design can attract large premiums on resale. Before 2013, mintage was limited but now the Royal Mint produces these bullion coins based on demand. However, some versions attract a scarcity value including 5oz proof, 1oz proof, proof sets and limited edition presentations.
Silver Britannia (as well as their gold counterparts) coins are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free and don’t attract VAT when bought through Physical Gold Limited due to careful sourcing channels. The result is an excellent value investment coin available at reduced prices with no headache to pay tax on resale. Investing in Silver For many years silver has been seen as a poor cousin to gold, particularly when the price of silver has been 15 times less than that of gold. In recent years, the trend has been changing with silver now widely recognised as a more finite resource with the world’s supply diminishing fast. As a result, silver is seen as a good long-term investment. With prices still catching up to this fact, investors can still benefit from low starting price points with potentially great gains. With these coins, the investment is tax-free and offers good divisibility for your assets over the equivalent cost of a single silver bar. 2017: 20th Anniversary Edition
royal mint silver britannia
Produced at the Welsh based, Royal Mint, the Silver Britannia is a popular investment coin. Image via Nigel Davies, Geograph.
Two decades on from the first minting of the 1oz British Silver Britannia coin and the Royal Mint has produced a limited special edition of the popular bullion coin. With just 120,000 available, there is a collectable value (and buyer’s premium) in addition to their investment value. Featuring the new high-security radial design with a unique trident ‘20’ mintmark, you can buy the 1oz British silver Britannia from Physical Gold Limited; however, do be aware that the intrinsic premium of a collectable coin such as this means that investors may prefer to buy silver bullion coins instead.
The Silver Britannia is currently produced with a millesimal fineness of 0.999 or 99.9% silver but before 2013 was struck with just 95.8% silver (or a fineness of 0.958). Coins issued between the period 1997-2012 have a diameter of 38.61mm having a total mass of 31.21g. A Britannia Silver coin struck after 2013 has a mass of 32.45g with a diameter of 40.00mm. From 2013, the thickness of the Britannia silver coin is 3mm and has a milled edge. From 2015, the obverse features the Jody Clark design of the Queen’s portrait.
While we can offer storage for silver bars in offshore BSIA regulated (British Security Industry Association) vaults in the Channel Islands, we only offer delivery of silver coins. This is the only way we can offer our products free from VAT due to the various tax treatments. We recommend you opt for silver bars if you want tax free exposure to silver without having to store it. Our VAT free silver coins appeal to those you wish to take possession while maintaining tax efficiency. For home storage, you are free to make your own arrangements either with a safety deposit box with your local bank or in a secure location at home. We can supply accessories for storage, and these can be purchased from our online shop. However, if you buy them in quantities of 25 then these come in conveniently stackable tubes.
Silver Britannias are the most popular silver investment coin in the UK. They represent very good value as they are mass-produced to bullion finish which keeps production costs low. They are legal tender, so any gains made are also tax free.
They are best purchased through a professional precious metals broker. Reputable dealers can be found on Most will offer discounts for quantity purchases, so it’s best to buy in one go to achieve the best discounts, rather than little and often. Certain online portals are structured to deliver them without the need to charge VAT, saving a further 20%.
These are 1oz coins minted by The Royal Mint to a purity of 999.9 silver. They were first issued in 1997, 10 years after the gold 1oz Britannia, and have become a very popular choice for physical silver investors. They can be bought at relatively low prices as they’re minted to bullion standard and large numbers. They have a face value of £2 which means they’re legal tender and therefore any rise in value is free from Capital Gains Tax.
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As a popular investment coin, the easiest and safest way to sell them is to a reputable precious metals dealer. This enables you to agree on a competitive price with the dealer, send them your coins, and receive payment quickly. An alternative is to sell privately where collectors may pay a premium. However, this can be fraught with danger.
Absolutely, they are legal tender within the UK. They possess the requirements of featuring the monarch’s bust and a face value, £2 in the case of the 1oz version. In theory, you could use it to buy goods up to the value of £2 in a UK shop, however, the silver content alone, makes the coin worth many times that. In practice, the legal tender status increases the coins’ appeal as an investment as this qualifies it as tax free.
Both coins are world-renowned and produced to a number of finishes. The Britannia can be bought slightly cheaper in the UK and has an increased fineness of 999.9 versus the Eagle’s 999.0. Both can be easily sold anywhere in the world. The Britannia is preferred within the UK due to its Capital Gains Tax free status, whereas the silver Eagle is more popular in the US and Canada.

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