As a leading UK gold broker, it’s important to us here at Physical Gold to act in a socially responsible manner. We are proud of our contributions to the UK precious metals investment community and document here our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Physical Gold’s approach

We believe in being socially accountable to all our stakeholders (staff, customers, partners, etc.) As a business, we aim to be aware of the impact we have on society with our interactions particularly economic, social as well as environmental. We always endeavour to ensure our contribution is positive and in no way negatively contributes to society and the wider environment.

Customers can buy from Physical Gold, safe in the knowledge that ethics are at the forefront of our thinking. We know that investors expect very high levels of ethics as well as a highly professional service level backed up with top-quality products.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility is a partnership


Physical Gold have a number of accreditations with leading organisations in the precious metals industry. Amongst the reasons, we sought accreditation was as an ethical backstop and external assessor of the ethics of our business. Accreditations we hold include:

Product sourcing

Physical Gold buy our products from various sources, sometimes from private customers, from trade contacts and also from mints around the world. We 100% guarantee the quality of the products we supply, for more information about this read our Quality Assurance Statement.

Here are some quotations from businesses we buy from, backing up their approach to corporate social responsibility:


“We have also worked directly with industry associations to implement that guidance through their membership compliance standards and became the first gold refiner worldwide to be audited and certified to the corporate social responsibility (2010) and conflict-free (2012) standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council at all of our refineries.”

• Royal Canadian Mint

“Our values are honesty, respect, pride & passion. These values reflect the spirit of the Mint and the heart and strength of our culture.”

• Royal Mint

“With the Royal Mint’s unique position comes responsibilities. The best customer service, the highest production standards and true shareholder values are watchwords for the business”.


Social responsibility

We are a family operated business and respect the fact that business doesn’t operate in a vacuum separate to everything else. We work closely as a team, with our partners and customers. We work hard to be the very best company we can be, offering top-quality strategic investment advice for the benefit of our customers.

Environmental responsibility

We are relatively a small business but understand the critical importance of protection to the environment and take our responsibility in this area seriously. In particular, our policies include:

  • Power management – we strive to reduce power usage wherever possible and do our best to keep power usage to an absolute minimum
  • Recycling – we recycle wherever possible, especially paper as email is our preferred method of communication
  • Water consumption – we use very little water in the business, but whenever we do we make sure our usage is kept to the minimum
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental protection is a responsibility for us all

Spread the word and encourage everybody you encounter to take environmental protection seriously.

Contacting Physical Gold

If you wish to discuss any aspect of precious metals investment and our approach to corporate social responsibility, then do not hesitate to contact Physical Gold Ltd on 020 7060 9992.

Image Credits: Geralt and Mazzali