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Our selection of silver 1kg coins is the heaviest range of silver bullion coins currently available through Physical Gold. More and more investors are now turning to silver bullion as a way to expand their investment portfolio and as a cheaper alternative to gold. The high fluctuation rates of the silver market mean that it can be a potentially far more lucrative investment than gold, albeit a slightly riskier one. The rise in demand for silver in various industries also has many experts predicting a positive future for the precious metal.
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Silver 1kg coins enable investors to purchase larger quantities of silver at lower prices than they would expect when buying several smaller silver coins. This is because the cost of minting one larger coin is generally cheaper than minting several smaller ones. Larger coins are favoured by many collectors as they are typically minted in more limited quantities and the designs/engravings are often enhanced by being produced on a larger scale. Our range of One Kilo Silver coins is a unique and exciting way to invest in silver. They are guaranteed authentic and sourced direct from some of the world’s most renowned mints. We keep a varied stock of silver foreign coins including 1kg silver Australian Kookaburra coins. These coins feature a stunning engraved image of one of Australia’s finest birds and have a face value of 30 Australian dollars. We find that bullion coins produced by the Perth Mint are produced to an exceptional standard and have a high-quality finish. As a result, these coins will appeal to investors and collectors alike.
Silver Bullion coins are one of our most popular investments and offer great flexibility as well as high market liquidity. Whether you value them for their silver content or their unique and beautifully crafted designs, they are a fantastic addition to any silver portfolio. They also have a guaranteed purity and silver content, making them a safer investment than other forms of jewellery such as silver or numismatic coins. Due to the price of silver being far cheaper than gold, many investors are now turning to silver as an alternative. Like gold, silver is a tangible asset that has a physical value and will always be worth its weight in the material.

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Physical Gold offers a wide range of silver (as well as gold) bullion coins including several limited-edition series produced by the Royal Mint. These beautifully designed and engraved coins will appeal to collectors just as much as investors. Silver British coins are typically available VAT free, and as UK legal tender are also exempt from capital gains tax. We can also store your coins for you at our ultra-secure GFSC storage facility. As such, these coins make for excellent investments, whether you’ve previously invested in silver or you’re investing for the first time. Read our insights for more details about buying silver coins.
So why not invest in silver 1 kg coin today with Physical Gold Limited – who are also silver investment brokers. Not only are they a great investment, but they also offer the collectability factor, which appeals to many buyers. Whatever you decide to buy, whether it be silver bars, coins or other precious metals, call us now on 020 7060 9992 for a friendly chat about your options. Our full contact details are here.

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