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1KG Silver Bar

The 1 Kilo Silver bar is a unique product which manages to tick a lot of boxes for silver investors. Minted by German precious metals giant Argor Heraeus, the 1kg silver bar is manufactured in 999.9 purity fine silver with a weight of 1000g (or 2.205 pounds).

Where it varies from standard 1-kilo silver bars, is that it’s produced for the South Pacific nation of Fiji and benefits from having a Face Value of 10 Fijian Dollars, in a similar way to bullion coins.

These exclusive silver bullion bars are produced in various sizes from 100g up to 5kg. This particular size comes in a sealed plastic package to protect the product in transit and storage. Each bar will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the mint and represents a very efficient way to buy 1 kilo of silver.

What is a coin bar?

It’s just a very smart silver bar. We refer to it as a coin bar as it also benefits from having a face value, just like a coin. Apart from that, it is shaped like a silver bar, includes an assayer certificate and is 999.9 fine silver.

How is it VAT free?

With our focus on obtaining the best investment value for our customers, we’re constantly seeking tax-efficient products and ways of sourcing them. As such, we offer such tax-efficient precious metals as tax-free gold coins, which are automatically VAT-exempt due to their investment grade and Capital Gains Tax-free due to their legal tender status.

Buying silver coins and bars is far more difficult to be tax efficient as silver generally attracts VAT when brought into the UK. However, two essential ingredients which allow us to exclusively offer VAT-free products are present in the 1kilo silver coin bar. Firstly, the bars have a face value, and secondly, we’ve carefully structured the supply chain to exploit an EU VAT treaty. As such, ordering any of the Silver bars through our website for delivery will be free from UK VAT.


Apart from the obvious benefits of German manufacturing precision, 999.9 purity and tax efficiency, this bar has the added appeal of being exotic! Minted on behalf of the Fijian Government, this bar is actually legal tender on the island.

Fiji is actually an archipelago of more than 300 tiny islands in the South Pacific. Despite the number of islands, the two main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu comprise the vast majority of the population. The capital, Suva is based on the coast of Viti Levu and features architecture reflecting its rich colonial past. The islands are most commonly associated with paradise-like beaches, clear waters, palm trees and rugged terrain.

Argor Heraeus

As part of the Heraeus Precious Metals (HPM) conglomerate, Argor Heraeus benefits from German precision and a rich reputation for quality products. HPM is the largest global provider of services to the precious metals industry. Like other well-established refineries, Heraeus supplies all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. It diversifies from manufacturing ingots in the various metals to producing semi-finished goods for jewellery and watchmaking.

Expert opinion

We really have been waiting for this product to hit the market. The 1kilo silver bar holds a degree of appeal to the collector due to its Fijian links, but mainly it makes an excellent investment option.

With the size being larger than most silver bullion coins (which tend to be 1oz in weight), the production cost of these tends to be lower, meaning better value for you. The 1kg silver bullion bar hits an optimum size sweet, being larger (and therefore better value) than the 100g and 500g iterations, but smaller than the 5-kilo silver bar version (and therefore more divisibility). For a relatively modest investment outlay, investors can buy the “maximum metal for their money” when they invest in 1 kilo of silver bar through Physical Gold Limited.



Watch our Video, “Silver bars or silver coins – which is the best investment? – Find out in our YouTube video.”

Umicore 1 Kilo silver bar

As an alternative to the Fiji bar, we can offer a fantastic 1KG silver bar from world-renowned Swiss manufacturer Umicore. This 1KG silver bar is a cast silver bar, which gives it a more “rugged” look than minted bars have. This has .999 purity and is a silver bullion bar, specifically produced for the Principality of Andorra. As it’s legal tender, with a 30 Diners value, this enhances its potential as a silver investment. This legal status triggers EU tax treaties, which means this 1 kilo silver bar can be bought without paying VAT. This bar tends to be a cheaper option than the Fijian bar from Argos Hereaus featured on this page and is well worth examination before making your final investment decision.

As an alternative, why not consider our 1 kilo silver bar from Umicore
As an alternative, why not consider our 1 kilo silver bar from Umicore

Other silver bar options

Why not also visit our VAT free silver bars page, which features a range of silver bars in different sizes to suit different budgets. Available options for which we have an individual page for each include:

When choosing which weight of silver bar to buy, we also recommend reading our article – how much is a silver bar worth? This provides much insight into what determines the value of a silver bar – including cast vs minted and discussion on the silver buying/selling spread.

All silver bars supplied by Physical Gold Limited are LBMA approved and are guaranteed for both fineness and weight.

An alternative investment in silver coins

An alternative to this bar may be to focus on UK silver coins. In particular silver Britannias are a very popular option for silver investing. They are 1oz in weight, providing more flexibility to your portfolio so you can sell smaller increments than owning 1kilo silver bars. They have the added advantage of a British legal tender status, so are also free from Capital Gains Tax. This may not be relevant if you’re looking at modest investments as each UK individual is allowed around £11,000 of capital gains each year before they are subject to tax. However, if you’re buying larger quantities or intend adding investments to your initial holding, then this may be a consideration.

Get in touch to buy 1KG silver bars

If you are interested in buying a 1KG silver bullion bar, then we encourage you to contact us today and discuss your options. We are here to help; our experts are happy to provide help and guidance during the silver buying process. Importantly, we also offer buyback, so if you need to sell any 1KG silver bars you have bought from us later, we will buy them back at the prevailing rates of the time of sale.

To contact us simply call us on 020 7060 9992 or email us. Test our efficient and helpful service. If you need further guidance on buying silver, read our comprehensive guide “how to buy silver”.

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Weight: 1000.0000 g
Manufacturer Argor Heraeus
Precious metals content (g) 1000
Fineness 999.9
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