Secure Delivery and Storage
Delivery of your metals are fully insured and discreet. If you want the peace of mind of storage, then you metals will be insured, allocated and segregated in an LBMA approved depository. Read More
100% Tangible Assets
We only deal in physical precious metals, no electronic or paper ownership. No leverage, ETFs or funds. Just real gold and silver in your hand or stored in segregated vaults. Read More
Authentic and Certified
All our products are sourced directly from mints or authorised distributors and verified by our numismatic experts. Certificates of authenticity can be provided on request. Read More

Gold and Silver Accessories

Keep gold and silver safe and secure with accessories from Physical Gold Limited.

Coin Capsules

Safeguard your gold coins by keeping them in specialist acrylic capsules. Secure from scratches and dirt. Chemically neutral to maintain the integrity of the gold. Capsules on sale include:

Presentation Cases

Our range of luxury presentation boxes can safeguard either single or multiple coins in a stylish way. Great if you want to admire and secure your coin collection or upgrade a present. Comes with acrylic capsules for coins (as mentioned above). Particular products available include:

  • Gold full sovereign coin case – this attractive presentation case houses up to ten full gold sovereign coins and has dimensions of 165 × 80 × 23 mm
  • Gold half sovereign coin case – this attractive presentation case houses up to ten half gold sovereign coins and also has dimensions of 165 × 80 × 23 mm

Secret Storage

If you’re concerned about burglars taking your precious metals, then these ingenious home storage solutions should stump them. Have peace of mind that gold and silver investments are kept in the last place anyone will think of looking.

Why not buy a secret wall storage clock? The hidden compartment behind the clock is a haven to store your cherished valuables. You could also buy a wall socket hidden storage, this looks like a standard UK plug socket but beneath lies a hidden compartment.

Lockable Cash Box

A simple solution for storing your gold and silver coins is to buy a lockable cash box. This is more effective than attractive, but owners can buy this 10” grey lockable box to store their precious metal valuables.

Offsite Delivery and Storage

Why not also consider offsite delivery and storage solutions, which are available from Physical Gold Limited? Click here for full details – To summarise we can provide secure offsite vaults in the UK through Loomis International, this delivers:

  • Fully allocated storage – your purchase has real “allocated” gold and silver. It’s not notional or paper-based, your investment is physical and real
  • Fully segregated storage – your purchase is individual to you and segregated from every other customer

Contacting Physical Gold

Why not contact Physical Gold to discuss your accessories and storage needs? Our experts can advise on the best solutions for your needs. Either click or call 020 7060 9992. You can also read our storage and delivery FAQs for additional information.

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