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2021 Gold Sovereign Coin

This is a brand new bullion finish coin, issued by the Royal Mint. Coins will be packaged loose for small quantities and come in Royal Mint tubes for orders of 25 and more. If you’d like to further protect your coins, we offer Sovereign coin capsules which fit perfectly.

The Gold Sovereign coin was first minted over 500 years ago and is one of the most recognisable and invested in gold coins on the market.

As the Royal Mint’s flagship coin, It has been used as British currency for centuries.

Enjoy watching – 5 Reasons to buy gold sovereigns – and learn more on this topic!


Coin design and details

The 2021 edition contains 7.988 grams of 22 carat gold.

Obverse – Queen Elizabeth II portrait

The obverse of this coin features the familiar fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

This was designed by world-renowned artist Jody Clark. In this design, the Queen is featured in the King George IV Diadem and Diamond Jubilee drop pearl earrings.

Reverse – George slaying the dragon

The reverse contains Benedetto Pistrucci’s original design of St George and the dragon which has been ever-present on Gold Sovereigns since the birth of the modern Sovereign coin more than two centuries ago.

The Latin on the coin reads ‘DEI GRA REGINA FID DEF.’ Once this is expanded it is translated as ‘Dei Gratia Regina’ which means By the Grace of God. Queen. Fid Def is ‘Fidei Defensor’ which means ‘Defender of the Faith’.

This is an acknowledgement of the Queen’s status as Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

Our Expert Opinion

The 2021 Sovereign should provide the foundation of any gold investment portfolio for those seeking to build a physical gold investment. The Mint mass-produce these coins to bullion standard, which is the lowest cost method to provide the most gold for your money. Proof versions are available but the premiums on those coins make them less attractive for gold investors.

At approximately a quarter of an ounce in weight, they are four times smaller than the 1oz Britannia coin. The advantage the smaller coins bring is one of flexibility and further divisibility. Whether that will help more easily divide coins amongst children and grandchildren, or simply provide flexibility to liquidate small amount when times require.


While all investment grade gold is VAT exempt in the UK and EU, only certain coins are also free from Capital Gains Tax. This coin is one which qualifies for tax-free status as it benefits from owning a face value (£1) and therefore becoming legal tender in the UK. Any coin which is legal tender cannot be taxed for Capital Gains. This fact alone makes the Sovereign a very popular choice for investors seeking tax efficiency.

Due to the coin’s value, diminutive size and tax-free status, they’re incredibly popular. Any physical asset which is in demand will always fetch a higher price than obscure or undesirable assets. With a history of 200 years, you can have the comfort that these coins are incredibly liquid and easy to sell, fetching great prices.

Sovereign variety

If you’re looking to build a mixed holding of gold coins, the 2021 Sovereign can be combined with older, more collectable Sovereign coins such as the George V, Edward VII and Victorian Sovereigns. The value of Victorian Sovereigns, for example, will be higher than the brand new version as it benefits from historical, scarcity and collectors’ value. You may find that premiums on the older coins rise faster than brand new coins depending on availability.

Another way of diversifying your gold portfolio would be to combine the gold sovereign 2021 coin with larger coins such as the Quintuple Sovereign and Britannia, and buying smaller Half Sovereigns. This way, your holding is a great mix of sizes and ages, while remaining completely tax-free.

Why buy the 2021 Gold Sovereign from Physical Gold

Buy the Gold Sovereign 2021 mintage from Physical Gold to benefit from fast, insured and discrete delivery. Nowhere else will you receive a Certificate of Authenticity and buyback guarantee.

As members of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA), we’re one the of the UK’s top specialists for UK gold coins. Why not call us today on 020 7060 9992 or send us an email if you need to clarify any aspects of your investment and when you buy a Sovereign online.

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Weight: 7.988 g
Dimensions 22.05 mm
Manufacturer Royal Mint
Precious metals content (g) 7.3224
Fineness 916.7
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