At Physical Gold crafting the content of our website is a labour of love and one which we take great pride and care in. We believe we offer some of the most cutting-edge gold, silver and precious metal content available. In particular, be sure to read our blog.

Content produced on our website is unique to us, therefore it is the unique intellectual property of Physical Gold alone. We ask visitors to our website to carefully read through this copyright statement and ensure they comply with its requirements, particularly in cases where users intend to produce similar content of their own.

Copyright policy
Copyright is explained in detail in our copyright policy

Physical Gold copyright ownership

Physical Gold are the exclusive owner of This ownership includes in particular all of the content published through the site, unless stated as owned by a third party. Content includes all text, photos and images, audio and video clips as well as the coding of the website itself.

Physical Gold specifically requests that none of our content is reused for commercial applications. This may include full/partial use, slight tweaks/adaptations/modifications and the re-publication of the entire content on third-party websites. The content we own is not personal in nature and therefore we are not breaching your rights in terms of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Using Physical Gold content for personal use

We are quite happy for our visitors to use published content for their own personal use, (e.g. to investigate various aspects of gold and silver investment). Use could be through printing content off or by downloading, we consent to this provided it is for personal use only as commercial re-use (without permission) is not allowed.

We don’t want to discourage site recommendations, so please feel free to share URL links to your favourite blog posts and pages via social media and other channels. Any support in backlink building is extremely appreciated and can only be for the good of the site.

Requested permission to republish Physical Gold content

If some of our content appeals and you would like to re-use it other than for personal consumption, then please contact us. Our contact information is provided below:


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Alternatively contact us in the following ways:

If you decide to contact us, please let us know what the purpose is behind the content re-use. We would always aim to reply within 72 hours of receipt of a request, but this may be longer if made over weekends. Without exception we reserve the right to decline a request and will not to state a reason for the rejection.

Copyright Policy
Contact us about possible Physical Gold content reuse

Potential legal action in the case of a copyright breach

Where content has been clearly breached we reserve our rights to pursue legal remedy for the breach of copyright.

In all cases, first and foremost we will aim for resolution. We will contact the potential infringing website and request that copyright protected material is removed immediately. If content is quickly removed no additional action would be needed.

In the event, that a request to remove infringing content or our request is declined we reserve our rights as copyright owners to commence legal action. This includes a possible injunction from us to have the copyright protected material removed.

Physical Gold content published on other sites

If you believe you have seen Physical Gold published “word for word” on another website, then please do contact us. Physical Gold would greatly value support in this area and any assistance you can provide. We will investigate the circumstances and seek a remedy for the breach of copyright where applicable.

Copyright claims against Physical Gold

Physical Gold aims to provide high-quality informative content about the world of gold, silver and precious metals. We readily admit to drawing inspiration from content found elsewhere. We check our content through CopyScape and always endeavour to avoid direct copying of content. If you believe your copyright has been infringed, please contact us.

Anybody contacting Physical Gold about potential copyright violation will receive a quick response. We treat copyright infringement seriously. Many thanks for reading through this copyright statement, please take its contents into account when enjoying the content throughout this site.

Image Credits: Wikipedia and Nick Youngson