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With its status as legal tender, the half sovereign is not only free from UK-VAT but is also Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt. This popular investment coin has a nominal face value of just fifty pence but currently retails at around £120-130 depending on the quantities you are investing in. Issued by The Royal Mint, the half sovereign coin is a bullion coin aimed at investors with an unlimited annual mintage. Whilst there are proof versions that appeal to collectors, investors can secure lower prices for the bullion versions as they do not attract the premiums of limited edition coins. As they are produced in large volumes, the production costs are lower, with these savings passed on to investors. However, the resale profit potential is therefore limited to the intrinsic gold value at the prevailing time of sale rather than any additional scarcity or collectors value.
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half sovereign gold
The half sovereign. Image via Wikipedia.
Originally produced in 1544 in the reign of infamous Tudor, King Henry VIII, the half sovereign coin had a short-lived debut, being discontinued (along with the sovereign) in 1604 after just 60 years in circulation. In 1817, following a major change in the British coinage system, the half and full sovereign were brought back to the mint. Equivalent to 120 old pence at the time, the two coins were minted in gold and produced for, and used in, general circulation. In 1926, production of the half and full Sovereign was ceased for all but commemorative coins. However, in 1980 the Royal Mint resumed the annual production of both coins to their general and standard bullion issue. Though the coins have a nominal face value which is accepted as legal tender, the bullion version of the coin is largely an investment vehicle for gold or seen as a collectors coin.
You can purchase bullion half sovereigns directly from Physical Gold limited using our online shop. Our competitive prices are updated to reflect the prevailing market rates and are provided to give you the best value depending on your level of investment. Discounts are provided at regular quantity breaks with our lowest price available on purchases of 1000 or more coins.
As a trusted UK gold coin dealer, Physical Gold Limited can source half sovereign coins from a variety of exclusive trade sources. If you have any special gold or silver investment or collectable requirements then our team of numismatists can discuss these with you.
tax free gold half sovereign
Enjoy tax free investments when you buy through Physical Gold Limited. Image via Flickr.
The coin is legal tender and is therefore exempt from Capital Gains Tax which means any profit that you can make when it comes to selling your gold is yours to keep and is not subject to taxation. In addition to CGT-exemption, the coin is also UK VAT free.   As a reputable and trusted UK gold dealer, Physical Gold Limited is able to pass on these savings to its customers enabling investors to get the best deal for their gold:
  • High Divisibility for Investors - With its small size and relative cost, the coin offers investors a great deal of flexibility and liquidity. By incorporating smaller coins within a portfolio, assets can be sold in more divisible quantities allowing investors to choose more flexibly how much they want to liquidate their assets.
  • Adds Diversity - We would always recommend a diverse portfolio to avoid exposure to one area of the precious metals market. As such, a mix of pre-owned, new, bullion and collectors coins in addition to silver and gold bars, is a preferred option for many of our clients.
  • Good Starting Price for Modest Investments - The low starting price point of the coin allows easy access to gold investment to most individuals. An affordable alternative to ISAs and other regular savings plans, the coin allows investors to save for their financial future at a rate they can afford.
  • Available through a Monthly Saver Plan - With Physical Gold’s gold bundle, monthly saver plan, investors can choose a regular payment plan to receive gold delivered direct to their door. The coin forms part of our tax free gold bundle purchased on your behalf to fulfil your regular savings and investment commitment. From £250 per month, we select the best deals on your behalf, purchasing a diverse portfolio of gold coins to build your personal gold holding.
Half sovereigns can be purchased from our online shop and are sent on receipt of payment with most orders being delivered within 1-2 business days. Our consignments are fulfilled by a fully insured courier.
Investors with a gold holding of over £2500 may wish to consider our storage services offered in partnership with Loomis International. Situated in Middlesex, the high-commodity vaults are fully insured and offer secure storage for your coins.

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