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The decision to buy gold online with Physical Gold offers convenience, efficiency and great value. As a recognised and trusted UK gold dealer , you can buy tax free gold in a range of forms including gold bars, gold bullion and gold coins. When you buy gold in the UK, not all of your purchases are exempt from tax so we can provide you with many tax and cost-efficient ways to invest depending on your financial goals. We offer a range of solutions to suit all kinds of investors including those people who want to purchase gold for the first time as well as seasoned market investors. Our range of gold investment vehicles includes one-off purchases, regular monthly savings packages and gold for your pension fund. Individuals who are looking to buy gold online in the UK to benefit from a tax-free addition to their portfolio can choose between a mix of bullion, coins or bars. When you buy online, your order is delivered directly to your door or, if using our storage facilities, allocated immediately. With discounted rates when you purchase gold in larger volumes, the one-off purchase is an instant way to build a gold holding and add breadth to your investment portfolio.
Tax Free Gold Explained
Secure Delivery and Storage
Delivery of your metals are fully insured and discreet. If you want the peace of mind of storage, then you metals will be insured, allocated and segregated in an LBMA approved depository. Read More
100% Tangible Assets
We only deal in physical precious metals, no electronic or paper ownership. No leverage, ETFs or funds. Just real gold and silver in your hand or stored in segregated vaults. Read More
Authentic and Certified
All our products are sourced directly from mints or authorised distributors and verified by our numismatic experts. Certificates of authenticity can be provided on request. Read More

There are numerous investment options available when you buy gold online with Physical Gold Limited, we go on to discuss these below. Each type of gold brings different benefits and advantages, which will be of interest to both investors and numismatists.

Gold Bars

Undoubtedly a great way to buy gold online is through gold bars. Due to the lower costs of manufacturing gold bars are cheaper per oz to buy than other forms of bullion or gold coins. The price of the bar will vary depending on the current gold spot price, multiplied by the weight of the bar. We are specialist providers of Metalor bars and offer a range of denominations, which are 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1KG. The bars can be conveniently stacked and stored at home in bank safety deposit boxes or you could choose to use our offshore vaults. Depending upon the size of your investment, we will be able to provide a number of cost-effective storage solutions for gold bars.

Gold Bullion Coins

Offering a lower level of investment requirement, gold bullion coins provide investors with an excellent opportunity to invest in gold, whilst also having an asset, which is of more interest than just looking at a bar! Many investors choose to invest in bullion regularly and build up a holding gradually. Gold bullion coins offer great divisibility and are as easy to buy as they are to sell. Physical Gold have tax-effective solutions to buy gold online, which are both VAT free and CGT free. It’s important to remember that gold bullion coins are primarily produced for the investor market and are not aimed at being rare and collectable coins. These tend to have a premium above the gold spot price based on scarcity and desirability.

Gold Coins

Other types of gold coins, which are not bullion include rare, collectable, limited edition and commemorative coins. Many of these coins can also be supplied as VAT free gold (call us for details). Rare and collectable coins usually have a historic value and inbuilt premium, which is also true of limited edition and commemorative coins, which tend to have an inflated price over and above their value when compared to their weight in the gold spot price.
There are two types of tax free gold we can supply when you buy gold online from Physical Gold Limited, these are VAT free and CGT free, we go on to discuss these below.

VAT Free Gold

Provided certain criteria is met, gold can be provided VAT free. The criteria include:
  • Must have a minimum millesimal finesse (0.995 for gold bars and 0.900 for coins)
  • For coins, the mintage must have been after 1800
  • The gold must be legal tender in its country of issue or is alternatively specified by the HMRC in Notice 701/21A Investment Gold Coins

Capital Gains Tax Free Gold

In addition to VAT free, we can also provide gold products, which are Capital Gains Tax exempt. This means that all profits made from the gold investments are tax free, one example of a CGT efficient investment are gold sovereign coins.

Talk to us Now About Tax-efficient Investments

We are experts in this field, so to benefit from VAT free and/or CGT free investments we recommend contacting Physical Gold Ltd now. We can advise which of our gold products best meets your tax and other requirements.

Monthly Saver

Physical Gold Limited customers can build up a nest egg in gold coins using our Gold Bundle monthly saver. This has similarities to an ISA, with our plan investors can build up a portfolio of gold in an affordable way. This is a very flexible investment method and allows investors the opportunity to benefit from increases in gold prices over the medium to long term.

Watch our Video, "How much is a gold bar worth?", which provides useful insight on valuing a gold bar.

Pension Gold

Investors can also take the opportunity to invest in our Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), this is a very cost-effective way to save for your retirement. As with traditional pension funds, a gold-based SIPP holds physical gold securely for later liquidation in the investor’s retirement years. Pension gold can be seen as a way to invest in a different asset class and add diversification to an investment portfolio.
When you buy tax free gold online from us you have a choice of storage solution. We can deliver the gold direct to your door or if your investment is more sizable we can arrange secure storage through our LBMA certified vaults. This service is managed and fully insured by our partners, Loomis International. There is no counterparty-risk as your gold holding will be physically stored (i.e. not be paper-based) and we will provide a statement of your account, which proves your ownership. If you ever wish to sell your holding, you can directly to us through our buyback guarantee.

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