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What is the Director’s Pick?

Benefit from our experience and expertise as we hand select a mixed portfolio of UK Tax free coins. This will consist of coins picked at PGL’s discretion from the selection of Enhanced Performance coins. All coins are Royal Mint issued and pre-owned. All our pre-owned coins undergo strict quality checks by our team of experts to ensure their condition is excellent. The idea is two-fold. If you’re unsure which coins to go for and feel you’d benefit from our year’s of experience and knowledge, then leave the choice to us. We know which coins offer the most value, upside potential or are currently trading cheap to their usual prices.

Secondly, it’s the perfect way to create a varied, balanced and mixed portfolio of UK coins (such as Sovereign coins and Britannia coins. The entire portfolio will be tax free, and depending on investment amount may vary in monarchy and age, size of coins and numismatic level. In other words, you’ll get coins large and small, nearly new, and more historic. The slightly older UK coins move up in value just like brand new coins, but because they’re not issued any more, or less abundant.

They may also be of a limited issue and enhanced desirability due to a combination of scarcity and historical interest. This additional value makes them worth more than their equivalent brand new coins, and returns can be greater if their historical premiums rise. It’s a great way to own an appreciating asset and a piece of history.

Learn “6 Hacks to buying the best value gold sovereign coins”, in our YouTube video.

Who is the Director’s Pick for?

A growing number of investors are buying gold for the first time as they realise it’s the missing component in their portfolio. For most UK residents, Tax free gold coins are the best option.

Coins issued by the Royal Mint are both VAT exempt and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) free. However, choosing the right coins, and the optimum mix isn’t easy. It’s important to achieve a varied portfolio to maximise returns, buy coins which are liquid and easy to sell, and those which are perhaps offering additional value at the time of purchase. That choice can be overwhelming which is why we created the Director’s Pick, which is a free service to all our investor’s, new and old.

This product is subject to availability. If we are unable to fill your entire order size within 5 business days of receipt of funds, then you’re entitled to a full refund, we also offer a buyback guarantee, see: for details.



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