Here at Physical Gold we think it’s important to listen to what our customers have to say. Read the testimonials below to learn a little more about our customers experiences of buying through us.


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It’s the first time I have purchased gold online. Needless to say, I was unsure of what to expect. I called the investment experts at Physical Gold and they were very professional and courteous. I can truly say that the knowledge of their staff is second to none. I was guided on what to buy and how to buy it, and there was no hard selling. I have made a few great investments through the site and would definitely recommend the service to other interested customers of gold bullion, who want to save time and money by buying online.

Richard Harris

Maida Vale, London



As a passionate numismatist, I am always interested in buying genuine gold and silver coins. I have previously done this by personally visiting dealers at their premises, but I found their prices expensive. A friend who had previously purchased coins online from Physical Gold recommended the service to me. Needless to say, I was initially sceptical, but I was truly amazed that they have a delivery to door option as well as a secured insured storage option for a nominal fee. Very satisfied with my purchase, highly recommended!

Alan Perkins




I had previously ordered silver online only once. But. I have to say that I had a truly great customer experience when buying from Physical Gold. I called to ensure that everything was in order after placing my order and the staff were really kind and sweet. The fact that the company provided insured delivery and a buy back guarantee made me feel I was in safe hands.

Dorothy McCann


A very successful online trading site for buying and selling physical gold and silver. The online process is easy to follow and very comprehensive. Another key attribute is discretion and I was very satisfied with the fact that my investments were stored safely and confidentially. Count me in as a repeat customer.

Peter Bullard




It’s fascinating to me that the internet has revolutionised every industry, including gold and silver trading. I would never have imagined that it would be so easy to buy gold online and I must say I am hugely satisfied with the courtesy and service offered to me by the staff of Physical Gold.

Catherine Eagan




I wanted to sell some gold and silver and asked a few friends to recommend me an honest and transparent service provider with whom I could trade. A friend recommended Physical Gold and it was so easy! All I did was search for an indicative price. I called their office to confirm the price and they were very professional and polite. The staff guided me on how to download and complete the selling forms and email it back to them. I used an insured postal service to send the goods to them and they promptly called me back to confirm the final price after verification of the items. I was very happy with the price offered and thought it was a fair deal. I received the money into my account the same day. Extremely satisfied.

Judith Stevens


Image Credit: 3dman_eu