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Delivery of your metals are fully insured and discreet. If you want the peace of mind of storage, then you metals will be insured, allocated and segregated in an LBMA approved depository. Read More
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Are you looking to buy gold or buy silver? Shop with confidence and benefit from our expertise with a portfolio of hand-picked, enhanced performance coins. 

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Why Shop Online with Physical Gold Limited

Welcome to the Physical Gold shop UK where you can buy gold and silver in a variety of forms and denominations. Your purchases can either be delivered direct or securely stowed in a fully insured, high-commodity storage facility.  As the preferred silver & gold shop for UK investors, we offer a range of tax-efficient ways to buy precious metals at market leading rates.

With a range of products, including Tax-Free Gold Coins, VAT-Free Gold Bars, and Pension Gold options, we are the UK’s most trusted gold and silver dealers. We’ve been helping customers make smarter, tax-free investments since 2008, ensuring returns are maximised. We are a physical gold dealer, so any investments you make result in real coins and bullions being delivered, and not just electronic ownership. If you are looking to buy gold, then we are the specialists for you.

We also sell silver too, offering VAT-free silver, in the form of silver coins and bars. We can also source high-quality silver to further help maximise your returns with smart investments.

Our focus is very much on quality, and we sell only the most valuable liquid silver and gold coins and bars. Our aim is to help our clients make smarter investments through commodities which have a solid history of holding their value throughout the ages.

Gold, whether it’s tax-free gold bars or VAT-free gold coins, has preserved its value over the years while paper currency has fluctuated dramatically. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio, and its demand continues to increase. Gold has a diverse range of uses, but it is best known as a safe haven asset, providing a means of financial protection from inflation and market downturns. With our Buyback guarantee you can rest assured that you can sell your gold coins at the highest possible price.

Silver also remains a valuable and rare commodity that only increases in value as the resource becomes more scarce. It is a less-expensive alternative to gold and is also another way to diversify your investment portfolio.

People buy gold and silver from our shop online for a number of reasons; primarily as an alternative form of investment to supplement or replace traditional investments like ISAsSIPPs or regular savings. Others collect gold coins (such as Britannias) in the safe knowledge that their capital is secure and can appreciate in value. Whatever your reasons for buying precious metals, Physical Gold Limited offer a safe and secure way to buy gold and silver. When you shop online, we’ve made it even easier to complete your transactions plus we have a team of professional numismatists on hand to answer any of your queries. If you do later decide to sell, we offer a buyback guarantee on all products purchased from us.

We have world-leading partnerships to ensure that we can offer the greatest value to our customers and the lowest prices. Working with Swiss refiner Metalor, all of our bars are new and in a pristine condition, and our gold coins are issued directly from the Royal Mint. This means that they are tax free for any UK investors. Offering both new and pre-owned products, there are multiple ways that we can help to expand your portfolio.

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You can select from a variety of ways to buy gold and silver through our UK site including pre-owned or new coins and bars. Each purchase offers different tax benefits from those that are VAT free to those that are exempt from capital gains tax. Choosing to store your investments for easy liquidation or invest them in a self invested personal pension (or SIPP) is entirely up to you.
Physical Gold Ltd guarantees that when you buy through our silver and gold shop online that all of our products have been verified for quality by our skilled numismatists. We back this up by providing a Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase made. We have a 10-year reputation for being the best place to buy gold bullion in London and the rest of the UK.
Offering a convenient and efficient way to buy silver and gold, you can shop online with confidence that your purchase is protected by our 3D secure authentication payment system.
We provide fully insured, discreet delivery to your door, or insured, allocated and segregated storage at Loomis International. A member of the British Security Industry Association, Loomis use secure vaults provided by Network Securities Ltd in the Channel Islands. Your investment is fully protected with additional insurance provided by Lloyds of London. You can find out more about how we deliver gold & silver from our shop in the UK by clicking here.
On top of our immediate order fulfilment and instant vault allocation solutions, we can also offer gold that can be invested in your SIPP. An efficient way to diversify the portfolio of your pension, gold purchased through this scheme qualifies for up to 45% tax relief. Gold can be purchased in a variety of denominations of bars and coins and investments can be added to an existing SIPP or you can start a new SIPP using one of our fifteen partner pension providers.  Products purchased through our pension gold shop online are stored in a UK LBMA approved facility.
The various precious metal products that we sell are split into categories; this is to help with both selection and navigation. If you’re keen on products from more than one category, that’s great, but you’ll need to check out for each category individually. That’s because we use different suppliers for the different product categories, enabling us to bring you the best prices and make your purchase tax-efficient.

Tax-free gold coins

Free from VAT and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) all the gold coins sold in this category of the Physical Gold shop are UK Royal Mint issued and are therefore of the highest quality. You can choose from brand new bullion coins to pre-owned, enhanced performance coins. Each option offers different benefits from greater protection in market variations and availability to the low initial cost of a new coin versus the potential higher value of a Victorian coin. You can read more about our tax-free gold shop online for UK and international investors.

VAT-free silver shop

Silver is a popular investment to diversify your previous metal portfolio and, due to our careful sourcing policy, all of the products in our silver shop are VAT-free. We can do this in two ways; by supplying coins direct to your door (including the Silver Britannia which is also CGT-free) or by allocating and storing silver bars on your behalf. By storing the bars offshore (in the Channel Islands) we can keep your silver investment VAT-free. We're the only UK based silver dealer able to deliver silver Britannias to your door without charging UK VAT.

VAT-free gold bars

We only sell the finest grade of gold bars produced by Swiss refiners, Metalor. Globally renowned for the quality of their 999.9 finesse, investment grade bars, your purchase qualifies for exemption from VAT. We can deliver these direct to your door or store them on your behalf. We also sell best value gold bars which are pre-owned bullion at a discounted price.

Monthly saver

Our monthly saver option is a popular choice for investors who want to make a regular commitment to building up the amount of gold and silver in their portfolio. Monthly investments start from £250 and provide an affordable starting point for many people to create an alternative to their ISA. The monthly pricing variations result in level cost averaging for more stable investments. For full details and more information on the benefits and process, you can read more here.
We are aware that many of our customers prefer to take delivery of their silver and gold so you can shop online for some handy accessories to store, present and secure your purchases. We can supply a range of acrylic coin capsules, manufactured to maintain the integrity of the precious metals as well as luxury presentation cases. You can also use one of our secret storage solutions to keep your valuables hidden and secure.
The Physical Gold shop online is a UK based company and can offer full support for any of your queries from general product advice to delivery arrangements and payment solutions. Our team of experts are here to help if you need further guidance with any aspect of our gold and silver shop, UK. And, if you’re unsure which product would suit your objectives best, there’s a short explainer video on each product category page.

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